ALDI are selling 10.1-inch Android tablet next Wednesday, 21st November 2018 for $99.99, along with other tech accessories.

There’s limited information available about the tablet, but we understand it features a 10.1-inch display, powered by a 1.2GHz quad core processor with 1GB RAM and 16GB on-board storage.

The tablet will also come with Android 8.1 (Oreo) on board and it is probably not going to see any major firmware upgrade to say Android 9 (Pie) edition or possible security updates, but we could be wrong. Sadly we can’t verify the brand or obtain more detailed specs, thanks to ALDI’s very secretive and limited info they generally provide on specifications.

Along with the 10.1 Android tablet, ALDI are also selling from next Wednesday the following tech associated accessories which include:

  • Beats Solo Wireless Headphones – $199 each
  • 2800MAh Powerbank with built in compact mirror and LED light, comes 2 colours such as Black or Grey/Silver – $19.99 each
  • Tablet cushion – comes in 5 colours such as Black, Blue, Red, Grey/Silver & Teal – $6.99 each
  • Bluetooth Headphones or Portable Bluetooth Speaker – comes in 3 colours such as Blue, Black or Red – $19.99 each.

ALDI mobile are also offering from Wednesday 21st November, a $99 1 Year Super Pack prepaid sim plan which comes with 355 expiry period, with 12GB of data to use over the 1 year, as well as unlimited standard calls and SMS included. You can find out more about the $99 1 Year Super Pack prepaid sim plan via the ALDI mobile website here.

As stated the 10.1-inch tablets and other tech goodies listed above are available from your local ALDI store from next Wednesday 21st November for 1 week (or until stocks last) so if your looking for some tech goodies either for yourself or with Christmas fast approaching, last minute gift ideas, then ALDI may have you covered.

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Jeni Skunk

What a comprehensive pile of garbage, yet again, from Aldi. This pathetic pile of junk is too abysmal to even warrant inflicting on an Apple iObject user for punishment.
What makes the nadir of these Aldi tablets so bad what is Aldi reached their zenith with in 2013, the WL-101GQC .
Ausdroid, May 29, 2013 –
My one of that 2013 tablet still works.

Dennis Bareis

My comments never get added and you certainly never tell me as promised


I have purchased two ALDI tablets for my young daughters in the past. For Christmas actually – as these are also bring sold now as ideal gifts for Xmas. And they would be, if they worked well. Sadly my experience was less than satisfactory and they have now been sent for e-waste recycling. They are hopelessly underpowered, and as such, they were frustrating to use after installing one or tow apps on them. I see that these specs are very similar. Of the two purchased, one went on to have wifi connection issues and the other had Bluetooth connection issues.… Read more »

Dave Cottrill

Yep, I’m with Berto.
Was gifted an Aldi tablet for Father’s day, a few weeks later apps started installing themselves. Did a factory reset, apps reinstalled again shortly after. Sure the tablet was cheap, but it can’t be used for anything significant as I would not trust it for online banking, or for email or for anything that requires me entering a password or personal details.

Buyer beware


The Aldi has a screen that is almost 60% larger. The 8″ has no other benefits anywhere near this.


The Alcatel / Telstra Essential 8″ Tab running Android Go looks like a much better bet than these ones from Aldi.


If it’s running 8.1 doesn’t that mean it needs to support Treble? Which should mean getting ROMs on there should be easier, although would still need someone to be able to build and support it.