One of the struggles faced by geeks around the globe under ever-increasing connectivity demands is to keep devices charged. With a seemingly never ending array of options available, it takes a bit to stand out in the crowd. Cygnett’s big new 27,000 mAh battery does just that.

The ChargeUp Pro is a 27,000mAh Power Bank offering the biggest battery in their range which also offers enough power (60 watt USB-C output) to charge most of the latest laptops from all the big names. There’s three USB ports allowing users to charge several devices at the same time.

The launch of the ChargeUp runs side by side with Cygnett’s new Armoured Cable range. Said to be the most durable and robust cable design with the inclusion of DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fibre, these high quality cables will give you the quick charge capabilities that we all expect nowadays as well as high data transfer speeds.

The continual changing landscape for our daily power needs is pushing the accessory manufacturers further and harder regularly, Cygnett are one of the leaders in responding to consumer needs.

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If you own a Google Pixel device, make sure any power source has Power Delivery (P.D.), which is the standard by which Pixel devices enable fast charging.


Any idea what the weight is? I can’t see it on the site. 400-500g?


Any idea what the weight is? 400-500g?