After announcing the end of popular Gmail alternative, Inbox, back in September, Google has now begun pushing users to move over to Gmail ahead of the 2019 closure date.

People still using Inbox are seeing a new popup advising of the impending shuttering of Inbox at the end of March 2019. The pop-up includes a quick overview of features including pointing out the new look and features in Gmail which launched in April this year.

Despite building in new features like Snooze and giving the Gmail interface a new look, there are a number of features that Inbox provides which haven’t been brought over including built-in reminders, the ability to snooze an email from a notification, bundles and more.

The link to the Google Support transition guide for users moving from Inbox back to Gmail included in the pop-up is a helpful place to start, but we’re really going to miss the look and functions of Inbox when it’s gone.

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    I am not going back to Gmail… I’ll just find some nice e-mail app that won’t force me to move around.

    Nathan Reed

    I cracked it a little while back when I tried getting Gmail to work how I want in preparation for the death of inbox.

    No luck so Google can ead. Ended up setting up my own mail server. Using the Edison mail app on my phone and loving it. Highly recommended. Desktop I’m using mailbird.


    Nice tips! Tired of Google

    Silly Sausage

    I love you, Inbox. Please don’t leave me. 🙁 If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me. Ooooohhhh No! I just want you to stay!


    I don’t want to switch either. I love inbox and nothing compares.

    Craig Mitchell

    I just want to be able to insert a picture in my email from the gmail app (not attach it). How can they not have this feature?!


    I got the popup and decided to switch back. I regret it. gmail, it is ugly and I really miss the bundles feature of inbox.

    Does anyone know of any gmail plugins that will make it look and work more like inbox? Or are there any gmail features you can turn on?

    Olivier Fortier

    I’m REAAAALLY disapointed to see Inbox go. I HATE gmail. I hate its looks, I hate its ads, I hate the way it works…

    Dominik, Poland

    I am curious when they stop lying in these notifications and in fact in Gmail you will find the best features from Inbox. Where are the reminders? Between fairy tales you can put in how functional the application is. Normally, I have everything from one page and application. Same. Google is forcing me to use several applications on my phone. Pathetic.


    Wonder how they determined what the ‘top’ Inbox features were. Clearly most of the good stuff in Inbox failed to make it to Gmail. I will be using Inbox until the absolute last day.

    Michael W

    I spent 2 days trying to replicate low priority bundles and date based bundles in Gmail. It works, but is not nearly as elegant or automatic. There is no way to export “Saved” pages, and no replacement for pinned items?


    I haven’t received the popup yet but I’ll be hanging onto Inbox for as long as I can, it’s far more convenient especially when travelling which I tend to a lot.

    Luke Roberts

    cry cry cry….

    I am not sure how I will live without inbox… Gmail seems so…. archaic in comparison!