If you’ve been thinking of switching to Telstra but their plans have been a little on the pricey side, then their current ’24’ hour deal is one to check out.

The Telstra website is advertising a 24 hour sale, that actually has 26 hours to go at time of writing, offering you $10 off their phone plans every month, that’s $120 over the next 12 months. The deal is available to both new and existing customers.

There’s a range of good deals including 30GB of data for $39 per month, 60GB of data for $59 per month or 90GB of data for just $79 per month. All three plans include unlimited national talk & text and the $59 and $79 plans both include Peace of Mind Data assurance which guarantees you won’t be charged if you exceed your monthly data allowance. The widget below shows the old pricing, so $10 per month off that isn’t a bad option.

The new prices are in effect now, but they’re only available to anyone who purchases before 5pm on the 16/11/2018.

Source: Telstra.