Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Well, if you’re not from the US you can be forgiven for being unfamiliar with these terms but they’re a couple of sales that happen on the day after Thanksgiving (Friday) and the Monday following. They’re usually filled with great specials, and it appears Google is bringing it to Australia.

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are now showing up on the Australian Google Store and there’s a few decent offerings. The deals aren’t live as yet, but will be available from 6pm AEST on Thursday 22/11/2018. There will be four deals on offer on the Australian Google Store which include:

  • Save $20 on Google Home Hub – $219 $199
  • Save $100 on Pixel 2 XL – From $1,199 $1099
  • Save $30 on Google Home Mini – $79 $49
  • Save $70 on Google Home – $199 $129

The deals all say that ‘Terms Apply’ but there’s no information on what those terms are just yet, so you’ll likely have to keep checking back as we near the launch of the Black Friday Sales.

It’s not quite as good as the deals they’re getting in the US which have discounts on Pixel 3 (including buy one, get one 50% off, bonus Home Hub and more) but at least it’s something. You can head over to the Australian Google Store Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals landing page to check them out here.

Source: Google Store.
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Brendan Barton

Managed to get the pixel 3xl with the stand added for free


Here’s my theory: A phone has a 3-year lifespan before it slows down and the lithium battery doesn’t hold much charge any more.

So last year’s phone models (eg Pixel 2 XL) are a third of the way through their lives. When new, the Pixel 2 XL cost around AUD $1550. It’s sale price is now $1099 ($1100)… less than one third off. So it’s really no discount, and probably cheaper (per year) to buy the newest model Pixel 3 XL instead.


but you are buying the phone new, its not a year old its at the start of its life.


Oh look, no P3 XL BOGO 50% off #nodeal


Oh look the Google Home mini being sold again well under rrp proving the jbhifi offer was a farce