Google has released the November security updates for its Pixel range last week, with a change to how Night Mode and Battery Saver interact. The move is likely to annoy some users, with Battery Saver automatically enabling Night Mode on the Pixel range.

Fortunately, users can simply turn Night Mode back off, but the next time Battery Saver is enabled, Night Mode will come back with it. The reason might be fairly obvious; Night Mode darkens the interface and reduces the amount of bright whites. This will undoubtedly use less power, especially with OLED displays.

However, the move may annoy some users who simply don’t want Night Mode enabled, but do want to use Battery Saver. Unfortunately there’s no solid workaround (beyond disabling either feature manually) so for now, Pixel users are stuck with the change.

Source: Android Police.
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not really digging the battery life on the Pixel 3 so far…..

Dean Rosolen

Maybe this is why the Pixel/Pixel XL factory images/OTAs aren’t up on the Google download page yet.