Google’s Android TV platform may be about to get improved app support, with the hotly anticipated ADT-2 developer devices set to ship soon.

Announced at Google IO 2018 back in May, the device leaked just prior to the event sparking excitement for a new Chromecast style Android TV dongle.

Unfortunately for consumers it will only be available for developers who applied to take part in the development program. For those who did sign up for the developer program, Google says that the limited edition ADT-2 developer device is almost ready. to ship. Google will be notifying developers if they’ve been successful in laying hands on the device, with notifications heading out to inboxes in the coming weeks.

The ADT-2 runs Android Pie and is powered by an Amilogic S905X processor with 2GB of RAM with 8GB of eMMC storage on-board, a HDMI (2.0A) output and uses a 5V/2A power input. The dongle also comes with a remote control with a dedicated Google Assistant button built-in.

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After the Asus built Nexus Player fell by the wayside back in March, Google has not had any official, or well priced, Android TV development device, instead recommending developers use the built-in emulator in Android Studio. This new dongle, though limited in availability, will hopefully make its way into the hands of keen developers willing to supply some great new apps for Android TV.

Source: +AndroidDevelopers.
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There’s a lot of potential with Android TV. When combined with Google Assistant, you can bark at the TV and have it change sources. Ideally, it would be inside the TV, or in an external device with lots of inputs and outputs that could send content to speakers and screens.


Google is still in Beta mode. Hardly anything sticks and you can’t trust them to stick with something.