There are a lot of smart home security products on the market now and many of them inundate you with notification after notification for each and every time their threshold is met. Arlo is looking help Australians and New Zealanders prevent that with the introduction of their AI software package called Arlo Smart.

Using AI algorithms the cloud software will analyse what the camera sees before sending a notification to the owner, thereby reducing the number of false notifications from everyday occurrences. The smart features which include Person Detection and Cloud Activity Zones allow the user to define motion zones and to personalise the alerts while at the same time filtering out false notifications such as a tree blowing in the wind.

Arlo cameras are some of the best on the market with some great smart features. Of this Brad Little, Vice President and Managing Director, Arlo Technologies, APAC, said:

“Arlo cameras are already packed with innovative technologies, but the more intelligence we integrate through AI analytics, the more convenience the system offers to our users…. From intelligently learning about notification preferences to reducing ‘false positive’ alerts”

As you can see we’ve only been able to get our hands on the promo shots using iOS, but we’re hoping to get some Android ones soon.

Along with these new features Arlo Smart brings the Rich Notifications feature straight to the lockscreen of your device meaning you can view the alert and the associated video without having to launch the app. Using their new computer vision technology Arlo Smart will let users know what triggered the video recording in the first place and from here you can personalise alerts and filter out those false notifications that annoy us all so much.

You can also tailor your notifications for when a parcel is delivered, a car is driving into your driveway or an animal near your house. To further customise the notifications the user will then also be able to exclude unwanted vehicle or animal alerts which will be saved as your user preferences.

Arlo Smart is available for purchase now for every Arlo camera either through the Arlo website or Arlo app. Arlo Smart service plans also extend the availability of cloud recordings up to 60 days and start at AU$3.99/NZ$3.99 per camera per month, or AU$12.99/NZ$13.99 per per month for the Premier subscription for up to 10 cameras. Annual subscriptions are also available for the Premier plan at AU$129/NZ$139 and the Elite plan at AU$189/NZ$199. New subscribers will also get a one-month free trial of the Arlo Smart Premier plan.