HTC can and have made some decent phones but in recent years their sales have plummeted with them losing market share month after month. Rumours are now circulating that HTC will changeup their strategy in 2019 in a bid to reverse their slump.

We normally expect HTC to release a flagship each year with next year’s flagship, the U12, expected to carry on with their button-less approach to mobiles as well as pack the latest Snapdragon processor. According to rumours from Phandroid sources familiar with the inner workings at HTC they will not be releasing the U13 early in the year at all.

Instead HTC are looking to release mid-range devices for the first part of the year, possibly eschewing the U13 entirely. While details are sketchy at this stage Phandroid’s source has hinted at “something else” coming from HTC later next year. Of course at this stage we do not know what this entails but possibly a VR/AR mobile with headset integration?

One thing is for sure, HTC need to do something quick-smart if they are going to stay not just relevant but solvent. Hopefully they can turn around their slide and start making some decent profits.