Google recently celebrated 10 years of Android, and to commemorate the occasion artist Andrew Bell has announced a set of four commemorative Android minis for the occasion and they’re on-sale now.

The Android 10 Year Anniversary Set includes four 3″ tall Androids, “Astronaut”, “Cake”, “Runner”, and “Varsity”. The four are available to purchase in a set for $44 or individually for $12 plus shipping. The figures are shipped in individual boxes with silver foil detailing for easy display, or Andrew sells plastic cases specifically sized for them.

If you’re wanting to save a few dollars on shipping you may find it cheaper to wait for the Hong Kong based reseller HypePulse to get them in stock.

If you do want to go ahead with ordering from Dead Zebra in the US, you can try to use Discount Code “ASL” for 15% off orders of $30 or more, though this doesn’t appear to discount shipping.

Source: Dead Zebra.