The Humble Bundle has shied away from too many mobile bundles of late, but in the latest bundle they’re offering both PC and Android versions of Board Games from developer Asmodee Digital.

There’s two levels of the Asmodee Digital Humble Board Game Bundle, with $1 netting you a number of games available via Steam, or on Android. Some of the Steam games are only available on Windows, while some are available on either Mac or Linux or both. The first level offers you five titles, with Android versions available for Harald: A Game of Influence and Abalone – The Official Board Game:

  • Abalone – The Official Board Game – Windows
  • Abalone – The Official Board Game – Android Version
  • Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small – Linux, Mac & Windows
  • Harald: A Game of Influence – Windows & Mac
  • Harald: A Game of Influence – Android Version
  • Colt Express – Windows
  • Le Havre: The Inland Port – Windows & Mac

If you have a few more dollars the $8 bundle offers you a few more games on both Android, and again on a mix of Windows, Mac and Linux. There’s 8 titles in this level of the board game bundle, and if you pick this up, you’ll get the five titles from the lower tier as well. In this bundle you’ll get:

  • Pandemic: The Board Game – Windows & Mac
  • Pathfinder Adventures – Windows
  • Splendor – Windows
  • Splendor – Android Version (Supports local multiplayer only)
  • King and Assassins – Windows
  • King and Assassins: The Board Game – Android Version
  • Fighting Fantasy Legends – Windows & Mac
  • Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal – Windows & Mac
  • Small World 2 – Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Small World 2 – Android Version
  • Twilight Struggle – Windows & Mac

As with all the Humble Bundles you’ll be able to send some money towards a charity, with Direct Relief being highlighted this month – but they have a list of associated charities you can choose from if you have a favourite. The developer also gets a cut by being involved so that’s always good as well #SupportYourDevs.

As usual your best way to keep a track of your Humble Bundle purchases is through the official Android App, though you’ll have to side-load that after downloading it from the Humble Bundle website.

If you want to check out the bundle, then head over to the Humble Bundle website.

Source: Humble Bundle.