When you’re using a tablet, or mobile using the mobile version of a webpage often makes the display far more user friendly and easy to navigate. Unfortunatley sometimes you need that on a ChromeOS device as well.

The team over at Android Police have noted a fairly significant change for not just ChromeOS tablets, but Chromebooks as well during an interview with Google’s senior product manager for Chrome OS, Kan Liu:

The company is aware that not all websites are going to be a great fit for a touchscreen. In the upcoming release, we are also introducing “Request tablet site” in Chrome on Pixel Slate, and with more and more touchscreen devices out there we fully expect the web to continue evolving to be more touch-friendly as well.

Reading between the lines of the comment, there is almost an admission that ChromeOS isn’t a great web experience in tablet form – they’re also being smart about the resolution and expanding it across the OS rather than just covering the tablet (targeting the slate at this time). Lets face it, a bad experience on a tablet that costs that much would be a heartbreaker.

What does ChromeOS need to offer, to bring you onboard?

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    Jeni Skunk

    Q: “What does ChromeOS need to offer, to bring you onboard?”
    A: FULL product range available in Australia at SANE, no Australia Tax, price tags, available at same time as USA release.