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Telstra is often referred to as Australia’s best mobile network, but that privilege comes at a price. You’ll typically pay a premium for a phone plan on Big T.

However, Telstra isn’t your only option for accessing the Telstra network. There’s now plenty of MVNOs powered by the Telstra network, all of which will get you that sweet sweet Telstra coverage without breaking the bank.

Here’s some of our favourite Telstra network plans.

Telstra network plans with 30GB of data or more

In terms of data for dollar, the best value SIM-only plan on the Telstra network currently comes from TeleChoice. $40 per month gets you 30GB per month on a 12-month contract. You’ll pay $8 per month more if you’d prefer to get this plan contract free, which isn’t too bad when you consider that you’ll pay $49 per month for the same allowance on Telstra, or $50 on Woolworths Mobile.

Telstra network plans with 15GB or more

If you’re okay with a more moderate data allowance, Southern Phone is your best bet. $30 per month gets you 15GB with no contract. That’s pretty hard to beat.

If you’d prefer prepaid, Boost Mobile stands out from the crowd with a 22GB inclusion on its $40 recharge. You’ll also get a bonus 23GB on your first five recharges valued at least $30. It is however worth noting that Boost’s recharges have a 28-day expiry, so you’ll need to top up 13 times per year.

Telstra network plans with 5GB or more

And if you just need a small plan, there are still plenty of Telstra-powered options available. The clear winner is currently PennyTel’s 5GB plan. If you sign up before December 12, you’ll pay $13 per month for your first six months. After this, you’ll pay $25.99, but since the plan has no-contract, you’re free to leave whenever.

If you’d prefer something a little more set-and-forget, Southern Phone will do 5GB for $20 per month with no-contract.

Sir Alex Choros   Managing Editor at WhistleOut


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Telstra has bonus 22GB Data on Prepaid Extra $30+ for first 5 recharges, not just boost and this way you will have access to store rather than boost always misinforming people telstra stores can help when they can’t

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