When companies make a new phone they want accessory manufacturers to provide accessories for their devices and as such often give CAD measurements to them to allow for perfect fitting accessories. Luckily for us some of these leak and we get an early look at what may be a new, unannounced flagship phone.

Yesterday we reported on a rumour that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ would have dual front-facing cameras and as such would not have a since hole cutout for the camera. Today we have seen CAD renders of the Galaxy S10+ leaked by 91mobiles and @OnLeaks that demonstrate an oval-shaped display cutout for the dual front-facing cameras.

Along with the oval cutout housing the dual selfie cameras (there is nothing being hidden here in these renders unlike some companies who forbid showing the notch in advertising material) there is also a triple camera on the rear. So far this year we have seen Huawei blow everyone away with what they could do with a triple camera setup so it seems that Samsung are going to try and do the same after their cameras this year, while impressive, were not mind-blowing.

The view of the rear of the device demonstrates, or rather doesn’t show, a fingerprint sensor, and neither does the front. It is no surprise that Samsung are also moving to an in-display finger-print sensor (rumoured to be ultrasonic rather than the optical sensors in phones at the moment) after some manufacturers, including their main rival Huawei, have managed to implement it, and implement it well, this year.

As you can see in the images and video above Samsung retain the 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C port along with what may be a Bixby button on the left (yes it will just not go away). Of course you can expect Samsung to pack the full with the best processor available at the time: we expect the Exynos 9820 to arrive in the Australian version. A heap of RAM and onboard storage with the presence of a microSD card is expected to be included. Of course all will become a lot clearer as the release date approaches.

With the phone expected to launch in February of next year are you interested in this being your next upgrade? What do Samsung have to do to make you buy their next flagship?

Source: 91mobiles.
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Ha! I knew it would be an oval instead of two dots… that was some bad interpretation of the tweet by Ausdroid.

I wonder how these “holes” will work with the notification bar. The one shown here is where the time is normally shown so I guess that now moves elsewhere.

I also really hope Samsung get rid of the annoying curved glass.


You know 3-eyed fish from the Simpsons? That’s what the S10 camera looks like.

Jeni Skunk

Bug report, Scott. Second paragraph.
“would not have a since hole cutout for the camera.”
should be
“would not have a single hole cutout for the camera.”


I think that looks terrible! They’ve given us a fat hole punch cutout to the corner of the screen, yet still maintained bezels that don’t look materially different from the s9/s9+/note 9. And the back of the phone looks like a letterbox!


Not a fan of notches at all , to be honest , I kind of like a bit of bezel to hang on too.
But having the placement front camera/s in one corner so as to have the whole rest of the notification bar uninterupted seems like a logical design to me ,
as opposed to some of the utterly ridiculous intrusive massive sized notches on some devices (cough,cough pixel) ..


So ugly! So dispointed.