Arlo have made another leap forward in home video security, announcing a new Arlo Ultra 4K HDR wire-free security camera. Ausdroid has been lucky enough to try out much of Arlo’s recent range, and the improvement in resolution and quality offered by these new cameras is bound to impress.

The design is familiar, with the Ultra 4K HDR camera retaining the Arlo distinctive look, with a host of familiar functions such as zoom, two way audio and in-built batteries sticking around. The new camera offers functionality yet to be seen on other Arlo devices – 4K Ultra HD resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) and colour night vision being the big sellers.

Brad Little, Vice President and Managing Director, Arlo Technologies had this to say about the announcement:

Our new flagship wire-free camera represents major advancements in video, audio, software, AI, and computer vision capabilities. Arlo Ultra is a complete solution for users who desire the best possible protection for their home or business, as well as the most ideal experience for connecting remotely with loved ones for maximum peace of mind.

As an added bonus the Arlo Ultra includes a 1 year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier giving you some excellent customisable notification options.

In our experience, the setup of Arlo cameras is remarkably simple and will undoubtedly be the case again with the Arlo Ultra which will make it an excellent addition to a home security system.

What options do you look for in your home security setup?

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Jackie Wigh

Bought the 1 x camera Arlo Pro from JBHIFI with the intention of getting a techie in to install it.
No-one wants to know because they want to SUPPLY and install. What a waste of time and money. So now what? Idle camera, waste of money and no security which I desperately need.


Thieves are smart and plan ahead. They hurled a poisoned meat on my dog (who was sleeping outside in doghouse). Dog died within seconds. They turned off the electricity from power enclosure on side of house. They cut the cable internet UHF from the side of my house. They stole cash, jewellery, small safe, macbookpro, and took off with my car. PoE cameras didn’t work without power (duh), so no video footage of thieves. Cable internet didn’t work without power and cable cut. Here’s my new set up: – arlo pros outside permanently connected to powerpoint. – if thieves turn… Read more »


Wow! that is pretty crazy! I’ve always wondered to which extent thieves would go. Out of interest did this occur during the day or at night whilst you were away? How did they actually enter the house itself, through a door or window? Also which state or territory if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve considered changing my energy meter to a smart meter so I can lock the box to avoid power cuts. My house is old and I need to pay an electrictian $300 for surge isolation or something… sigh My current setup is 3x Arlo Pro 2… Read more »