Samsung has released its new One UI in beta form overnight to Galaxy Note 9 users in Germany, India, and the U.S.

Users in these countries can sign up and register to become a beta tester for the recently launched One UI, which the company showed off to developers at is developers conference in early November.

While registering doesn’t guarantee users in these countries an immediate download, users will receive a firmware software update (once approved) as part of the firmware build N960FXXU2ZRKQ.

We understand that further updates to the beta One UI program will be rolling out in January 2019 to other Samsung Galaxy devices, upgrading users to the new UI layout, but also Android 9 Pie and the November 2018 (or later) security patch level.

It’s not clear when or if the Samsung One UI beta will come to Australia, and we will be seeking further news from Samsung Australia about the beta program being available here, but it is highly doubtful.

Source: Android Central.
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This is bs. Australia never gets any beta testings


Does that mean no more need for Nova?

Clyde Jones

I think the only phone I didn’t use Nova on was the Pixel XL (2016). Every other phone has used Nova as my launcher. ONE UI gestures and UI looks nice, but I still think I’ll end up using Nova

Tango India Mike

This sucks….I want this for my Note 9 now!

C’mon Samsung surely you can add Australia if the UK and the US are on the beta??