Australian Google One customers now being offered a 20% discount on the Google Store online.

Launched in Australia officially just a couple of months ago, Google’s new aggregated storage service ‘Google One’ offers customers a one-stop view of their storage across Google Drive, Photos and Gmail, as well as the option to share that space with family groups.

A perk of Google One is also being offered ‘Benefits’ in the form of discounts, like the $7 Google Play Credit offered when you first sign up. The latest is a 20% discount from the Australian Google Store.

The discount is available on a single product only (including those products marked down for their Christmas Sale) – and for only one member of the Family Plan – until the 16th of December. Using it is simple, head to the Google Store and add an item to your basket, then enter the unique code provided at checkout to get 20% off.

It’s not a bad discount, however US users are being offered a code which discounts the Pixel 3 and 3 XL by $125.

If you’re looking for the code, it was sitting in the Google One app, however some users are seeing an offer being extended via email, so check the app and your Inbox to see if yours is there.

Google One
Google One
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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    I’ll pay someone $50 for a useable code!!
    Just respond to this message!!
    Or [email protected]


    Contacted Google support yesterday afternoon. They said the code would arrive after 24 hours. Contacted them again this afternoon. They said they were experiencing high volume requests and when it was my turn, I was informed all specialists ended their work of this week.

    Nicely played, Google Australia.


    Got my 20% offer today. Will likely go towards a new Pixel 3 for the wife.


    “It’s not a bad discount, however US users are being offered a code which discounts the Pixel 3 and 3 XL by $125 (or around $171.91 AUD).”

    This discount brings the Pixel 3 XL down by $269.80 AUD though, that’s a bigger discount!


    Tried using it on the already discounted Daydream View and it cancels the first discount. 🙁


    Got a 25% discount in my Google One app. Wish I had waited an extra week to buy my Pixel 3 XL now 😠😠


    That’s unlucky… If you’re not going to use your coupon could you PM it to me? It could convince me to get a Pixel 3 XL too 😀

    Philip Clark

    I’d be surprised if they didn’t align the code with your google login, that would be how they’re managing the one use per family account.


    No the coupon can be used by anyone, but only once.

    Nathan Greenway

    🙁 I still don’t have access to Google One. I think it’s because I’m still on the Google Drive 20GB for $7/yr plan. Does anyone know if I change to a regular Google Drive plan whether I can upgrade to Google One?