If Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other sales haven’t worn you out yet, Google has now begun offering their own ‘Holiday’ savings across books, movies and TV specials in Google Play.

Movies & TV

The Google Play Movies and TV sale is offering discounts on well known Christmas movies, as well as Christmas themed TV episodes.

The Movies on-sale include the absolute classic Christmas movies including The Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and of course, the most jolly of Christmas movies; Die Hard (Ho, Ho, Ho, now I have a machine gun). The discounts aren’t spectacular, but you’ll find all the movies have been priced at under $10 for the HD version.

With almost 50 movies to choose from, there’s hopefully something there to get you in the Christmas spirit. Head over to Google Play Movies to check out the sale.

If you’re more inclined for the shorter format of a TV Christmas special then you’ll find some decent titles available at a decent price. There’s a few British series with their Christmas specials including Absolutely Fabulous, Dr Who and even some US ones with the classic Peanuts special ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ also available.

There’s over 30 titles to plow through, but some interesting titles and decently priced. You can check out all the range on Google Play here.


If time off around Christmas doesn’t have you thinking of laying around reading, or being stuck in a car then you can skip this section. If you do, then you should check out the range of eBooks and Audio Books available in the Google Play Holiday Sale.

For book lovers the range is decidedly Christmas themed, but there’s some well known authors including J.R.R Tolkein and Frank L Baum offering up their Christmas books, as well as more contemporary authors with their books on-sale.

There’s 26 titles to choose from in the sale – though disappointingly no sign of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ – so head over and check out what’s on offer.

If you’re looking for something to liven up your car journey this season then an Audio Book may be the best option. The sale is titled ‘Cheers for your Ears’ and the titles featured are all Christmas themed. Happily the sale DOES include ‘The Night Before Christmas’, so you can have that read out by your smart speaker while you go about your Christmas Eve.

There’s a few choices to check out in the sale, so head over and check them out.