Google is all-in on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with attempts being made to offer better information to you across all their platforms. The latest is the Google Assistant news briefings which will now offer tailored briefings – at least for those in the US.

Google has been working with a number of publishers across the globe including The Associated Press, Hollywood Reporter, Universo Online and the South China Morning to re-think how they’re delivering your audio news briefings. Google applied AI to the problem to bring you a more tailored briefing which is updated with relevant information on stories that interest you throughout the day.

Google says:

This new experience will bring you an audio news playlist assembled in that moment, for you. It starts with a briefing of top stories and updates on topics you care about, and extends into longer-form content that dives deeper into more stories. At any point in your day when you want to listen to the latest news—as a morning wake-up, during your commute, or while jogging—the Google Assistant will be ready with new stories and updates to the ones you’ve already heard. Plus, using your voice, you can easily ask the Google Assistant to skip a story, go back or stop.

The initiative to personalise your news is open to publishers to offer their content via their open specification, allowing them to offer up ‘single-topic stories—segmented out from newscasts or shows’ which can be intelligently added to people’s news briefings in Assistant.

Google will be rolling out these intelligent news broadcasts to ‘a limited number of people via the Google Assistant in the United States in English’ to begin with, so we may see these at some stage in the future.

Source: Google.