+ Sunday January 19th, 2020

If you’re a died in the wool Vodafone customer the good news is that your loyalty will be rewarded with Vodafone today launching a new loyalty program offering a sliding scale of discounts on multiple accounts.

The Bundle and Save loyalty program is available from today to both new and existing customers that renew their contract or upgrade eligible plans offering a 5% discount for two services, which slides up to a maximum of 20% if you have five services with Vodafone. The service which can be bundled to tally up your discounts include their Mobile Phone, Tablet and Mobile Broadband plans and Vodafone NBN Plans.

Vodafone Chief Commercial Officer Ben McIntosh says that they’ve been working on the Bundle and Save loyalty program for the past 18 months since noting a gap in the market.

Unlike the legacy telcos, we reward customers by discounting every single eligible service under Bundle and Save. For example, a customer with two new $60 Sim only services will save $72 a year and a family with five eligible services will save $720. That’s a family’s Christmas presents, completely on us.

Mr McIntosh believes this loyalty program will be a distinguishing feature for Vodafone, allowing them to stand out from the competition, saying ‘The competition will not work as hard as we will to earn your loyalty and save you money. The advice from us is to give yourself an early Christmas present, do your research and find yourself a better deal’.

To see if you can save on your phone bill, you can head over to the Vodafone Australia website to check out their bundling options.

Source: Vodafone.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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“dyed in the wool”? Auto-correct gremlin maybe?

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