At the end of each year Google produces a little mashup video of all of the top YouTube creators from that past year, called YouTube Rewind. This year they are doing something slightly different.

Instead of a mashup of “2018’s biggest memes, personalities, and hit videos” this year Google have asked some of YouTube’s biggest names what they wanted to see in a Rewind video. So effectively it’s a mashup of a mashup.

The video itself is very entertaining with everyone’s favourite tech reviewer Marques Brownlee included once again along with the Ninja from Fortnite fame (yes my son makes me watch Fortnite videos). For me that is all I knew, how about you?

Editors Note: The ending with John Plant from Primitive Technology creating his own YouTube plaque is my winner.

For more information on the Rewind of 2018 you can head over to the website and read up on Fortnite breaking records, Kylie Jenner somehow getting 75 million views of a pregnancy reveal video on Superbowl Sunday, SpaceX landing it’s rocket becoming the second biggest live stream on YouTube ever along with a lot more interesting tidbits.

The Google Australia Blog has also published some top 10 lists for Australia as well, including Australia’s Top Trending Videos (we feel #2, the Yodelling kid from Walmart is better than #1), Australia’s Top Trending Music Videos (Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B is number 1), Australia’s Top Trending Music Videos from Aussie Artists (5SOS – Youngblood took #1) and Top Emerging Australian Creators (Fun with Alicia FTW!).

We recommend you head over to the blog and check out the complete lists of Australian content and support some innovative Australian Creators.

Personally I don’t think I watched a single one of those videos listed on the Google Australia Blog but I am willing to wage a few dollars that my kids would be all over that list, plus would know a majority of the creators in the YouTube Rewind video.

YouTube has come a long way since Google purchased it, back when everyone said they paid too much for it and had made a mistake. Now there is something for everyone. What do you watch?

Source: Google Australia Blog.
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Yeah, that list does seem to be mostly from the younger end of the audience. I don’t think I would have seen any of those videos either. After watching the video too I only recognised about 2 or 3 people and only subscribe to one. I guess my tastes must, in general, be for more niche mostly tech channels that are more genuine.

Craig Mitchell

Pretty much impossible to please everyone, so I think they did a pretty good job. Thanks for including the list of top videos, hadn’t seen the bad lip reading one, nearly feel off my chair laughing!

ww ee

good job…hilarious