At Qualcomm’s tech summit this week OnePlus announced that they would be the first in Europe to release a phone with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 and X50 5G modem. Now it also appears that OPPO are also testing 5G phone solutions with the same chipset.

Earlier this year OPPO released a phone with no notch and no bezel on the front of the phone, the Find X. It instead had a sliding back where the camera slid up and down as required. At the China Mobile Global Partners Conference OPPO showed off a 5G prototype of this phone. Onboard said phone was a Snapdragon 855 along with the X50 5G modem.

The Snapdragon 855 looks to be the chip to use in 2019 with its 5G modem. OPPO are a bigger name in the mobile industry than OnePlus so it is strange that OnePlus were at the Qualcomm tech summit and nont OPPO — maybe it is the stature that OnePlus have in the US whereas OPPO have a limited exposure there. Either way it looks like there will be several choices for those who want to grab a 5G mobile phone next year.

It is unclear at this stage whether OPPO will re-release the Find X with the new Snapdragon chip inside or whether they will update the Find X to a new model (a Find Y?). After having used a Find X for a week or so I have my fingers crossed for a Find Y with the inclusion of NFC for Google Pay (and a few small improvements in the software such as the accessibility settings being basically forbidden from being used).

If OPPO do in fact release the Find X with a few small upgrades like this, an improvement in the camera (it is a good camera, just not great) and those software choices then I could well be convinced to use one. How about you? Do you want a pure notchless phone? Why not a Find X2?

Source: Alen Wu OPPO.