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OnePlus have made a big splash the last 12 months and are set to make another splash this week with the official unveiling of their limited edition McLaren OnePlus 6T. Today there has been a leak showing the renders of the new variation along with some amazing specs.

The image shows the new McLaren OnePlus 6T in a new Speed Orange colour. The colour appears to be a black with an orange tinge to it — it is unclear whether this is just on the periphery of the rear of the device or whether it is a colour effect where the black has an orange tinge when viewed at certain angles.

Not only is the new colour shown as well as the McLaren branding on the rear of the device but some of the specs are mentioned as well. As befitting a device with a partnership with an F1 team and supercar maker the device will be even higher specced than the standard OnePlus 6T. The McLaren Speed Orange variant will arrive with a whopping 10GB of RAM (and Google decided on 4GB for the Pixel 3), and 256GB of onboard storage.

Not only will the device run fast but will also charge fast — faster than their already fast charging. The new charging, to be called Warp Charge 30, will be capable of charging enough to give a day’s power in just 20 minutes. If that sounds familiar that’s because it should be. OnePlus’ sister company, OPPO have a extremely fast charging technique called Super VOOC. OnePlus’ previous charging solution called Dash Charging was basically a rebranded VOOC charging and this appears to be similar.

Super VOOC can also charge a phone that quickly and with OPPO offering it in their R17 Pro it is no surprise that OnePlus are introducing it with the new McLaren OnePlus 6T — a phone that shares much of the design of the R17 Pro. Having used Super VOOC it blows every other charging solution out of the water when it comes to charging speed, without getting the phone or charger hot.

It is unclear whether special hardware in the phone will provide this speed or whether it is just the charger itself — hopefully it is just the charger so owners of the OnePlus 6T (and possibly the OnePlus 6) will be able to upgrade their charging solution with the purchase of a Warp Charger.

All will become clear this week when OnePlus take to the stage at the McLaren Technology Centre in the UK and reveal the new limited edition phone. With a spec bump like this plus the extremely fast charging solution it promises to be a much sought after phone. Of course, unfortunately, if you want to get it here you will have to find an aftermarket grey importer to purchase it from. Expect to pay a premium to get it here if you do indeed find it.

Meanwhile the rest of us will go back to moping and hoping like hell that OnePlus eventually decide to bring their products to a carrier Downunder. Would you be interested in getting your hands on one if it did land here?

Source: Ishan Agarwal Twitter.

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To be honest, I’ve given up on OnePlus. Idk why it’s so difficult for them to just ship to Australia. I’ve been a huge fan of OnePlus and looking to upgrade my 3T. Sadly I’ll be moving away from one plus for the lack of support here.

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