Last year OPPO demonstrated how far they have come taking out the Canstar Blue award for “Most Satisfied Customers – Smartphones”. This year, building upon that success they have won it again with near top marks in all categories.

Canstar are a financial comparison site, with their yearly awards given out based on data obtained from research in over 100 categories of consumer products and services. Canstar uses professional market research, and assigns ratings based on customer satisfaction to garner results – with OPPO coming out on top in customer satisfaction this year.

The Canstar Blue award for customer satisfaction, bases their results on ‘user friendliness, battery life, camera quality, speed, appearance & style, value for money & overall customer satisfaction’. The top results for the category looks like this:

Managing Director at OPPO Australia, Michael Tran, says that OPPO winning for a second year running is “testament to the company’s promise to listen to consumers and deliver products with features they want.”

OPPO’s philosophy has always been driven by giving Aussies the best quality smartphones at desirable prices. The way we do this is by listening to our customers, and packing our devices with only the best flagship features we know they want.

After only releasing their first smartphone in 2011 OPPO has grown to be the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Their mid-range devices at low end prices have been hits the world over.

OPPO has once again performed tremendously in our review, being the only brand to score the maximum 5 stars for categories such as Value for Money, Battery Life and Durability. OPPO has proven time and again that owning a high quality phone does not have to mean emptying your pockets, and Aussies are catching on to this quickly.Simon Downes, Editor at Canstar Blue

With OPPO moving into 5G, like so many others next year, along with AI and VR expansion we can expect them to not only push the technology boundaries (like they did with the Find X and SuperVOOC this year) but hopefully continue to produce happy customers that keep coming back for more.

Source: Canstar.
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ColorOS burnt me. Count me out.


And yet they don’t support bootloader unlocking and don’t update their phones past one android version update (or in the case of the OPPO F1, no android version updates).