+ Saturday January 18th, 2020

The first punched-hole display smartphones have been announced and it looks to be the trend for 2019 with Samsung looking to continue to notch solution into their Galaxy S10 series of phones.

We have seen rumours and CAD leaks demonstrating the oval punch out in the display for the Galaxy S10+ and now we are seeing real world photos of Galaxy S10+ prototypes with the dual front-facing cameras. While a company often goes thru quite a few prototypes before landing on the final design, a prototype this close to launch is likely to be very close to the final design, if not the final design.

The leak today, posted on Facebook and then shared widely by Slashleaks before it was removed, shows the dual front-facing cameras on the right hand side of the device — matching the location of them on the CAD renders.

Samsung appear to have, even with a punch out instead of a notch, included the ability to black out the top of the display to hide the oval/hole. You can see that there is still content next to the oval with the cameras within. This means that the status bar has been lowered to be next to the oval, making for a large pseudo-bezel — much the way the Pixel 3 XL looks when you hide the notch with Nacho Notch.

Very little else can be seen in the image but morsel by morsel and piece by piece the Galaxy S10+ puzzle will be put together. With still 2-3 months until its announcement we expect to see a hole lot more of the Galaxy S1-0 series of phones.

Are you a fan of this notch solution? Will you be hiding the oval/hole?

Source: Slashleaks.

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