It’s that time of year, in the wind down of the end of the year we start to reflect on the year that was. The Google Australia team has gathered together a summary of what made our 2018 in search.

There were five themes that defined our Search in Australia in 2018, including Happy and Sad endings, Sports scores and scandals, Health check-ups, Keto is king and close to our hearts here at Ausdroid, Techy topics.

The Happy & Sad Endings included topics including the sad goodbyes we said to the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Arethra Franklin, or the happy day when Megan Markle walked down the aisle to marry Prince Harry. While Sports scores and scandals were dominated by the World Cup, State of Origin and of course the Steve Smith/David Warner ball tampering scandal. Aussies wanted to know ‘How to opt out of my health records’ and of course how to lose weight which apparently this year meant checking Ketogenic diets, and of course with tech, we always want to know ‘How to…’ when it comes to our latest gadgets.

Overall though, our top 10 search results included:

  1. World Cup
  2. Commonwealth Games
  3. Meghan Markle
  4. Avicii
  5. Coinspot
  6. Anthony Bourdain
  7. US Open Tennis
  8. Mac Miller
  9. Bitcoin price
  10. Black Panther

Of course, this being Google, there’s breakdowns of top 10 searches by categories, including the top 10 News Events which includes:

  1. Royal Wedding
  2. Thai cave rescue
  3. Wentworth by-election
  4. My health record
  5. Beaumont children
  6. Hawaii volcano
  7. California fires
  8. Listeria
  9. US midterm elections
  10. Blood moon

Who were the most popular Australians searched for? Well, apparently we all wanted to know about a beetroot.

  1. Barnaby Joyce
  2. Scott Morrison
  3. Peter Dutton
  4. Billy Slater
  5. Craig McLachlan
  6. Vikki Campion
  7. David Warner
  8. Chopper Read
  9. Nick Cummins
  10. Andrew Gaff

There’s breakdowns on other search categories including our top ‘How to’, ‘What is’ and ‘Why’ questions and more over on the Google Australia search blog. Or you can check out the year in search video here:

In terms of what you guys searched in order to end up here at Ausdroid over the past 12 months, well, here’s the top 10:

  1. ausdroid
  2. google play movies & tv
  3. Vodafone tv ausdroid review
  4. amazon
  5. google maps
  6. ring doorbell
  7. Android tv dongle passes fcc google logo assistant enabled remote oreo
  8. board
  9. aldi tablet
  10. pixel 3
  11. ring

What stood out for you in your Google Searches over the past 12 months?

Source: Google Australia.