Google’s News Initiative Cloud Program was announced earlier this year as a way to help new media news organisations (like Ausdroid) boost productivity and collaboration through technology. Of course, being tech media, we like to consider ourselves pretty well-versed in all things tech, and we’ve been using Google’s Cloud services for quite some time to meet our needs.

As one of the first adopters of Google’s G Suite program, we’ve had access to Google Mail, Drive, Calendar and more for quite some time, but we’ve never really had to jump to a paid tier.

Thanks to the Google News Initiative, we’ve been able to make the jump to Google’s G Suite Business product, free of charge. This is just one way – of many – that Google supports news organisations to do better business, to deliver better content for their audiences, and to plan and collaborate better behind the scenes.

We expect that some of our partners in industry might be interested in taking up this program too, so here’s some information about how other news outlets can apply:

Please note it may take a little time for your application to be considered; it took us a couple of months to hear back.

We also look forward to sharing some insights from Google’s G Suite Business platform with you, as it isn’t designed just for media outlets; G Suite Business might be ideal for your organisation too, and we’ll share some of our lessons learned with you as we go forward.

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Bradley Secor

But what is the point, when the so called news is just spin and propaganda from “approved” news outlets? If I was to look for real news, Google is the last place I’d look


Next step: Google should increase the share of advertising revenue for real news organisations.