After launching last year on the Foxtel ‘Puck’, the Android TV app for the ABC iview streaming video service appears set to go broader with a closed beta opening up for users to register.

Though it’s a ‘closed’ beta, anyone can sign up to be a part of the Beta test group – you will need to provide your contact details including your Google Play account details and have an Android TV device.

The new iview app will be aimed at all Android TV devices, though the ABC iview team has a specific focus on Sony TVs, the NVIDIA Shield, Vodafone TV and of course the Foxtel Now box, all Android TV devices easily accessible from retailers in Australia.

The closed beta will run over the Christmas period with a view to launch in early 2019 according to the sign up page. So, what’s in the Beta?

Right now, the beta test has limited functionality and only includes the home screen, search, program details and video playback. We will be adding channels & category navigation to the beta app very soon.

It’s been a frustrating year with exclusivity of the iview app on Foxtel boxes only, but this appears to be coming to an end. With Channel Ten and Seven offering Android TV apps, this leaves only Channel 9 and SBS without a dedicated app for the platform – though both do admittedly offer Chromecast support which is something.

If you’re interested in signing up to be a part of the Beta group you can head over to the ABC iview support page and click the link to the registration form.

Source: ABC.