The new Bumblebee movie is about to hit cinemas this Thursday, and Paramount Pictures Australia has released a Bumblebee Beats playlist featuring a huge number of hits from the 80s to get you in the mood!

To celebrate the launch of the movie and the playlist, we’ve seen a few pop-up Bumblebee themed installations popping up over the past couple of weeks in Sydney and Melbourne. Featuring a Bumblebee-themed giveaway cassette (with a link to the Spotify Bumblebee Beats playlist), the installations featured a yellow VW Beetle transformed into a big boombox offering passers-by some retro sounds, hits from the 80s and even a dancing Bumblebee!

The Bumblebee Beats playlist features artists like INXS, Hall & Oates, Billy Ocean, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and Fine Young Cannibals – to name a few. Curiously absent? One Stan Bush…

Be Kind, Rewind

Still, if Paramount’s own playlist doesn’t tickle your fancy you can take a stab at creating your own personal playlist with the Bumblebee Rewind feature.

Hosted on a dedicated site, Bumblebee Rewind lets you generate your own 80’s-themed playlist from a few preset options, or by selecting some of your favourite 80’s artists. You can share your result, and listen to the tracks in Spotify.

The Rewind feature is actually a pretty neat demonstration of what you can do by integrating Spotify’s API to your own projects. If you’re so inclined, you can head over to Spotify’s developer site to learn how to do it yourself.

(Bumble)Bee Movie

Bumblebee, the sixth Transformers live action movie, takes a very different approach to bringing the franchise to the big screen. Under the direction of Travis Knight, Bumblebee reboots the Transformers cinematic universe finds its titular hero on the run on Earth in 1987 where he befriends Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) and faces Decepticons in hot pursuit. The movie is in cinemas in Australia from this Thursday, December 20.

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