If Die Hard isn’t your favourite Christmas movie, then maybe Home Alone is up there and for a bit of a nostalgia rush Google has gone back to the franchise with Macaulay Culkin to help sell a few Google Home devices this Christmas.

The minute long video titled Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant features Culkin re-visting the role of Kevin Mcallister, the precocious eight year old though with a Google Assistant fuelled twist which sees Kevin taking care of business adding aftershave to his shopping list, setting reminders, and fending off the Wet Bandits, hands-free: thanks to Google Home.

It’s a neat video, especially with the appearance of the until very recently, reclusive Culkin. Google has obviously invested a lot into the video getting a lot of the shots the same, all of which you can see in the Behind the Scenes video :

If you’re still looking for something to grab for Christmas, maybe try a Google Home Mini.

Source: Google YouTube.
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    That is actually pretty cool. I like it! But please don’t make me buy any more Home devices. My wife might divorce me 😀