Whether you’re doing a spot of armchair travel, or checking out the location of an upcoming appointment, Google Streetview is an awesome tool. The images are generally captured by their StreetView cars, but in the case of some locations inaccessible by car, the Streetview Trekker backpack comes into play and it’s just gotten a nice update.

According to Danny Cheung, Technical Program Manager, Street View the new Trekker backpack now has ‘a sleeker design and is lighter in weight’. The cameras and sensors have been updated too as well with ‘increased aperture and higher resolution sensors’.

The Trekker backpacks aren’t just used by Googlers, they’re actually available to anyone with access to something a little off the beaten path through the Trekker Loan Program.

You can of course participate in adding to Google Maps Streetview with your own photos if you don’t want to lug the backpack around – though we imagine the Trekker Backpack will probably deliver a higher end final product.

Source: Google.