As a HTC fan it’s been a tough couple of years in terms of financial reporting. HTC has suffered some fairly diastrous results over the last few years, but they’re looking to turn it around in 2019 with a reboot of smartphone sales in 2019.

The reboot involves a shift in focus to mid to high-end phones said HTC Taiwan president Darren Chen in an interview with DigiTimes. The company would also look to extend the life of their flagship phones like the HTC U12+, which has apparently seen ‘robust’ sales since it was announced in May.

According to Chen, HTC is also looking to extend their range to include more Blockchain based phones after their Exodus 1 sold out after its launch on December 1st.

There’s no real details on how HTC plans to ‘reboot’ their smartphone sales, but it would certainly be a bonus if they managed to get their phones back on-sale through our Aussie telcos – an unfortunate miss for the HTC U12+ which Scott found to be a really compelling device, despite some minor issues.

As the original Android smartphone maker, and a real innovator in terms of design and technology we have a soft spot for HTC and hope to see more from them in 2019.

Source: Digitimes.
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    I have a HTCU12+ and broke it’s screen. The local cell phone phone repair shop is unable to source a replacement screen. So I contacted HTC chat who advised me that I needed to send it to HTC’s service centre in New South Wales and prepay an assessment fee of AUD49.50. They insisted that HTC doesn’t provide replacement screens as it’s not a customer replaceable unit. The chat person remarked that HTC’s service centre doesn’t do a partial repair and that the phone must undergo thorough testing for faults. I mentioned that there was no other faults, except a broken… Read more »

    Peter Braun

    I bought the HTC U12+. My partner dropped it, and 3 months later HTC have not supplied spare parts for it in Australia.
    I have had a number of HTC phones starting with the Hero, but the frustration of dealing with them and their lack of a business structure in Australia makes me hesitant to believe that they are serious about this market.


    My first Android phone was a HTC: Nexus One. It was amazing and ahead of its time. Samsung OLED screen was was incredible 10 years ago (still is!). It still works 100%!

    My second HTC phone is HTC 10. Picked it up for $250 brand new recently as a spare phone. I’m so impressed as it feels smoother and **more responsive** than my Samsung Samsung S8 Plus! HTC makes truly great UI and software.
    If only their next flagship phone includes AMOLED, I’d switch back to HTC.


    I loved my HTC One M8, got it early on. So much so that I picked up a HTC M9 recently when looking for a cheap in between phone. I can see why their sales have tanked. In 1 generation they went from an amazing, innovative phone to a piece of shit that seems identical but worse (somehow?!?)! I won’t be making that mistake again!!!