+ Saturday January 18th, 2020

Group calls and chats are heavily utilised in social circles with many of the front-running options having capability of supporting significant numbers of participants such as Facebook Messenger which has up to 50 participants. Whatsapp supports group calling for up to 4 participants (no increase from previous) but getting all 4 in has been quite clumsy until now.

One of the great things about these messaging apps is the end-to-end encryption protecting your privacy (in theory at least given it’s owned by Facebook and until the AA bill comes into effect). That aside, the latest update has a call icon allowing you to add multiple members to a call prior to starting it where previously you’d have to start a call and add participants one by one.

Particularly with Video calls, users will find that a low speed or high latency connection will seriously degrade the experience — so make sure you’re on a decent connection with plenty of bandwidth to spare before starting up any calls.

What’s your messaging weapon of choice?

Phil Tann   Associate

Phil Tann

Phil is an Android enthusiast who spends most of his time reading up on U.S. Android news so he can get the low down on what could possibly hit Australian shores. Coming from a background in IT & T sales, he’s in the perfect position to give an educated view on hardware and software.

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