The album size in Google Photos has long had a limit of 10,000 photos, something we didn’t think we’d hit in any day-to-day usage.

It turns out that that’s actually not enough in our snap-happy world. The advent of Live Albums – which automatically adds photos of selected people into an album for you – earlier this year has actually seen some users running into the limit.

In response, Google’s doubled the limit to 20,000 images. Notably, this is the same limit on shared albums, so it was likely an easy fix for the search giant.

We’ve seen reports from the USA that users are seeing the change live on their devices, and the Google support page has been updated, so we’re thinking this is a typical Google server-side troll-out.

Update 22/12/2018: For all of those interested in the feature it has started going live for some Australian users.
If you see your album size limit increase, give us a shout out in the comments.

Source: Google.
Via: Android Police.
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    Tristan Pawsey

    What’s the point of a having a limit???


    Good to hear but do still wonder if it is enough and maybe should just go to 50k now.