When Google’s new Wear OS UI launched it was well received by most users as a significant improvement of the historic user interface giving one swipe, tap or button press to access to more features. This significantly reduced the number of interactions needed to reach the most contextually relevant information on your watch, one of these features saw swipe from the right to launch a fitness dashboard.

When the updated started rolling out wearers of Mobvoi’s TicWatch range noticed that their swipe from the right shortcut launched the TicHealth app not the Google Fit app as it did on other updated devices. As you can imagine the internet erupted in the manner in which it is accustom to this.

Jump forward to today and Mobvoi has taken on board their users’ feedback and it is now the first Wear OS provider to give users the choice of which fitness tracking application they want to use. To choose between Google Fit and TicHealth simply swipe from the right, long press on the fitness UI and the toggle screen shown above will pop up. From there you can switch back and forth to your hearts content.

The feature was immediately available to us when we tried, however looking at other users experience you may still need an update to your device or apps to make this work. From the best we can tell you need to have Wear OS 2.2, Home App (on your TickWatch) v2.20.0.004827614 or later and the latest update to TicHealth. If you’ve got all of that then you might just be in luck.

While many may criticise Mobvoi for changing the default option initially, I for one applaud them for listening to their users feedback and making the change. Adding an entirely new mode to allow users to change the health app is not an insignificant amount of work, and now perhaps this will open the way for 3rd party developers to become the fitness tile on Wear OS device — how’s that for user choice?

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    Glenn Batten

    Yep. works for me just fine.

    Chris Dalton

    I imagine Google had some harsh words with them for breaking the functionality of their watches. From. Saying we made a mistake, to saying it will be fixed soon, to saying stuff shit this is the way it is staying, back to fixing it. Mobvoi have really lost their customers trust.

    Chris Dalton

    Also, mobvoi for laying the blame at Google’s feet! As if Google would replace their own superior app, with mobvoi’s rubbish. Can imagine a lot of money changi9 hands over this debacle.