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It seems we have reached a point in smartphone photography where the cameras are so good from one to the next that DxOMark scores are often irrelevant. That of course does not stop us from anticipating their release and the objective tools that DxOMark use to evaluate a smartphone camera.

After scoring a decent 96 with the camera in the OnePlus 6 OnePlus have upped the ante, albeit ever so slightly, with a DxOMark score of 98. The camera setup of the OnePlus 6T is exactly the same as in the OnePlus 6 so to score different OnePlus must be doing better with their software.

The OnePlus 6T had newer camera firmware than its predecessor which resulted in improvements in the dynamic range, detail preservation and bokeh effect. In saying that the photo score for it was only one point better than the OnePlus 6. The video score also showed improvements. Where it actually regressed is in it’s “noise” with OnePlus going for greater detail over reducing noise in the images.

The score of 98 by the OnePlus 6T is not earth shattering by any means but it is the same score that the Pixel 2 received late last year and we all praised the camera in that phone. As such you could conclude that the camera in the OnePlus 6T is a great camera, just 9-12 months behind the big names of the industry.

In their conclusion DxOMark summed up that the OnePlus 6T “has a very respectable smartphone camera, performing as well in most categories as some of the highest-ranked phones”. The OnePlus 6T had outstanding focus, excellent exposure, colour and flash performance.

It wasn’t all rosy though for OnePlus with it lacking an optical zoom, having issues with noise in low light and some artefacts.

In the end it affirmed what Dan thought when he reviewed the OnePlus 6T:

In terms of quality of shot the OnePlus 6T takes a good shot. It’s far better than what we’ve seen on some flagships in years gone by, it’s just that the competition has moved on to computational photography and incorporating more data from more sensors into their pictures than OnePlus has to date.

Unfortunately you still cannot buy a OnePlus 6T directly here in Australia but there are many ways to import one. The camera on it may not be able to match the big boys of the smartphone industry just yet but they are improving and as no one ever said the Pixel 2 photos were bad the OnePlus 6T photos must be “good”. Hopefully next year they can move onto great.

Source: DxOMark.

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Igaal Naouri
Ausdroid Reader

Could care less about this phone since they pulled out of Australia

Chris Rowland
Ausdroid Director

OnePlus weren’t ever in Australia really.

Peter Wright
Peter Wright

How do you expect people to read this thin light grey text? It’s impossible!


Hmm, I’m not sure what you’re referring to? Ausdroid’s font choice? It’s totally fine for me to read.


The 6T is def the best of those three low light shots

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