It’s the wind down to Christmas and the New Year, so we don’t expect much but if you love polls then Telegram is rolling out native support for polls in chat.

The inclusion of Chats in V5.2 of the app is pretty neat, you can add a poll right from the attachments menu (the paperclip). The polls are able to be forwarded to other chats for greater visibility or pinned to the top of a chat.

You won’t know who voted what as the chat results are anonymised. Telegram says that they may look at introducing non-anonymous polls but as they take their commitment to privacy very seriously they’ll be very clearly marked as non-anonymous.

Though Telegram has been great about adding Android features, it seems iOS users get a bit of love this time around with image Search making a return, as well as cache file size displaying correctly in settings – and more.

The update with Polls included is available to download now from Google Play, so ensure you update your apps.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free