The recent leaks of the Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite took us all by surprise, but it appears they’re legit and Google intends to release them in 2019 on US carrier Verizon.

According to sources speaking to Android Police, the phones will be announced and then sold through US Carrier Verizon, one of the largest carriers in the US, in ‘Spring’ of 2019. Spring in the US begins around March and runs through May so the window is wide open, though will likely be hit by launches of 2019 flagship phones announced at MWC in early March/late February.

The Pixel 3 first appeared on a Russian site, before a followup from @onleaks who supplied 3D renders of both the Pixel 3 Lite and the previously unseen Pixel 3 XL Lite.

The Lite versions of the Pixel phones are made with more plastic than the aluminium and glass flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The phones will also be specced down with a Snapdragon 670 believed to power the Pixel 3 Lite which also has a 5.5″ display. while a Snapdragon 710 processor is believed to be inside the 3 XL Lite which will feature a 6″ display. Both ‘Lite’ Pixel 3 models will have 4GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage as well as having 12MP rear cameras and an 8MP front-facing camera.

In terms of international availability there’s more sense in launching these phones in emerging markets where a cheaper priced Pixel is needed, though everyone does love a bargain so if they’re well priced it could make all the difference.

If they’re made available internationally it could make quite a decent import target for users wanting fast updates and Google’s usual fantastic computational photography powering the cameras, but we’ll have to wait for the official announcement for more information on availability.

Via: Android Police.
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    I’m not wealthy, so I rock a Pixel 1, Great phone, but it’s sad google has left, the low to mid price market signal, phone and tablet market, I’m typing this on an iPad 2017, which only cost $440 Australian, Apple can give me stock, up to date software and hardware, has the world turned upside down. Remember the Nexus 7 2013, cheap as, nothing wrong with it, my Pixel 1, runs night sight, works in a Daydream viewer, runs Android 9 Pie, they could make a last generation, Pixel 2 phone, with a few small upgrades, and sell it… Read more »


    A low-cost Pixel is the same as bringing back the Nexus.


    What I think they should be doing is bringing back the nexus naming for these devices and have 3 distinct lines. The One for entry level nexus for midrange and pixel for flagship. I am not sold on these specs too. 32gb is barely enough space now and is becoming more entry level. When most Chinese phones come with 64gb 32 is behind the competition. The CPU’s may be ok but wonder if it was possible if they might be better going for a last gen 800 series than going for current midrange options. They will need to price is… Read more »


    I like this Pixel “Lite” idea. I own a Pixel 3XL and I would prefer it not to be made of glass, I keep it in a case as I’m worried about dropping it. My partner has my old Nexus 6P and it still runs “buttery smooth” as the tech Youtubers like to describe it. The power in current flagship $1,000+ phones is equivalent to owning a Ferrari to only go to the supermarket, the power of new CPU’s is so unecessary. If the leaks are correct, I would probably be happy to own a Pixel Lite with a plastic… Read more »


    This will probably be priced around the same as the OP6T, so why bother? 32gb storage is not enough, and the SD710 is not good enough for the price google will no doubt be asking for this. I think they have completely lost the plot.


    Google’s computational photography is great. The problem is that DxOMark always tests the Pixel cameras with both HDR+ Enhanced and Night Sight switched off. If they are on, the Pixel 2 and 3 leave iPhone in the dust.


    Love the concept. Give me a headphone jack and a bit more storage and I’m there on day 1.


    Agreed. Need 64GB minimum here. Plus please no notch.


    If the only step down is a Snapdragon 710 (which is still good!) then we’ll either find a repeat of the iPhone XR (not that much cheaper) or the best value smartphone of the year.

    Have a Pixel 2XL and love it, so will be interesting to see how this goes.