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Samsung has sat atop the list of smartphone manufacturers for a long time now but their dominance is shrinking. In the past 12 months we have seen Huawei close the gap in many countries of the world leading to them becoming number two in the world.

Now Huawei have overtaken Samsung in Russia to become the largest seller of smartphones in that country. According to data from Counterpoint Research Huawei moved from second with 24% of the smartphone market in the second quarter of 2018 to now sit first with 31% of the marketshare.
Huawei’s 31% of the market moves them ahead of perennial market leader, Samsung, sitting with just a 30% share of the market.

That increase is a significant amount, especially when you consider their numbers were already large – in October Huawei sold 2.84 million smartphones in Russia. Overall, worldwide Huawei sold over 200 million smartphones for the year, a big increase over their 153 million units in 2017. This is an incredible feat, especially for a company without a major carrier contract in the USA.

Huawei are expected to set their 2019 goals to a lofty 250 million units which is believed will take them past Samsung as the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer.

Given Huawei’s exceptional results of last year and their obvious willingness to successfully push the boundaries and innovate to produce great smartphones it would not surprise us if they closed the gap on Samsung and overtook them this year, as they have now done in Russia.

Anyone want a bright red Huawei Mate 20 Pro aside from me? What is your favourite Huawei smartphone? Can you see Huawei overtaking Samsung any time soon?

Source: mydrivers.
Via: Gizchina.

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