There has been a bit of continuing speculation as to whether Google’s upcoming Fuchsia OS would join the ranks of other Google operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android OS in its support for Android apps. Overnight, reports have confirmed this to be the case, with a new change found in the Android Open Source Project.

9to5Google have reported the change, posted to Android’s Gerrit source code management, in which Google entered previously unknown details into the Android Open Source code to explain what the “device/google/fuchsia” repository is now intended for. You can see a snippet of the README file below:

Basically, Fuchsia OS will use a specifically designed version of Android Runtime (known as ART) to run Android apps. The Fuschia version of ART can be installed on any Fuschia OS device using the Fuschia OS version of the APK file, a .far file.

At this stage it is still unclear how Fuschia will use the Android Runtime given the complex nature of Linux kernel calls etc, especially in a new, still-in-development environment such as this.

Only time will tell how exactly Fuchsia will operate and right now it is difficult to determine when Fuschia is still in its infancy. With Android app support being created there is definite hope or it with an innate ability to run Android apps.

Source: 9to5 Google.
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Mick Amadio

Infancy? I’d say Fuscia is still in gestation and the addition of ART is similar to the development of limbs. Still, an interesting article. Thanks.