It’s come up a couple of times in passing conversation that there’s an interface in the Google Home Hub that looks much like a Chrome Browser.

Well guess what – it behaves like a cut down version of Chrome too.

Noted by a number of sites, the browser is brought up by completing a voice search for something that will return a detailed information result such as Wikipedia. Once this is displayed you have a scrollable version of Chrome open, which will allow (without direct URL input) navigation away to other sites if the links are there on the Wikipedia page to begin with.

Reported by a reader to the team at 9to5Google, the browser reports itself as Chrome 70 on Android which seems to go – at least in part – against the information released by Google saying it’s a derivation of the Cast platform.

Unfortunately at this stage there is no method for text entry and no ability to copy/paste. Connecting a keyboard does not add that functionality either.

Regardless of the current state of the browser in the Home Hub, it shows there is potential for increased functionality on the Home Hub which bodes well for its future.

It’s just a question of whether Google wants this feature to be easily accessible to end users, or not. Given the focus for Home Hub thus far, I expect the answer is “not”, but if it changes we’ll let you know.

What would you like to see added to the Home Hub capabilities?

Source: 9to5Google.
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Of course it does. It’s basically a Chromecast. The common denominator of all of these series of devices is very similar hardware and a very similar software base. My only question is if the Home also has the browser inside. It might, even with no display, just to make it simpler and more common.

Low power settop box chip + HTML renderer + appropriate IO + cloud brains : that’s the model.


In answer to your question 1; a camera for Duo calls 2; an audio out jack and 3; most importantly (IMHO) COMPLETE integration with my other Home devices!


Oh yeah, and the capability to access one’s Google Drive and Keep files.


Chrome bookmarks . .


The Lenovo Smart Display has this functionality as well. You see it when searching for recipes a fair bit.