2019 will see the first foldable phone released to the world and the race is one, not just to see who does it first, but to see who does it best. Samsung are one company who are confirmed to be working on a foldable phone and with it expected to be announced soon we are starting to see rumours surrounding it leak out.

The latest rumour we are seeing about the foldable Samsung Galaxy phone is that it will arrive with a triple rear camera setup. This puts it’s rear camera setup on a par with what we are expecting to see in the Galaxy S10 models. With Samsung having already released triple and quad rear camera setups on phones it is definitely no stretch for them to add a triple rear camera to the foldable phone.

Samsung already have the Galaxy A7 with a triple rear camera setup comprising a primary sensor, a depth sensor and an ultra-wide lens. The source of the leak, ET News, is suggesting that the Galaxy foldable phone’s camera setup will be very similar to that in the Galaxy A7.

Very little else is known about the device aside from it being expected to be priced well over AU$2000. At that price Samsung must not be expecting to sell many at all and are instead testing the waters for such a device — remember those years ago when they did that with the Galaxy Note? Who knows where this foldable Galaxy phone will end up sitting in the grand scheme of Samsung devices?

Source: ET News.
Via: Sammobile.