It has been a few months since Google released the source code for Android 9.0 Pie but even now not many phones have been updated to the latest Android version. The Android Pie update to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 timing was leaked just the other day and now it seems to be arriving for some users.

When we saw that the Android 9.0 update for the Galaxy Note 9 was expected to arrive in January of this year most of us expected it to be late January, if we were lucky. For Samsung though it seems January just means January and have today begun rolling out Android Pie to the Galaxy Note 9.

At this stage the update is rolling out in Germany, and not just to those in the Android Pie beta program. The new update, in Germany, has the software version of N960FXXU2CRLT so we expect that to be similar here in Australia but most likely with localised baseband etc numbers/letters. When Pie is cooked for Australians head into the software update section of your Note 9 and “Download and install” the update.

The new update not only brings the Android 9.0 Pie goodness under the hood but also a new UI, One UI, from Samsung. Samsung are looking to the future with their One UI, bringing easier single handed use as well as a few other handy bits and pieces.

At this stage it is unknown when users outside of Germany will see the update. We will be reaching out to Samsung Australia over the weekend to find out when users here should expect to see it arriving on their devices and will let you know more as soon as we hear anything. If you see it arriving on your Galaxy Note 9 hit us up and tell us all about it.

Source: Sammobile.
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craig durkee

Got the update today on a unlocked unbranded Australian Note 9 512/8GB.

Enjoying it already.


Downloading 1 Jan security update now, Includes One UI and Android Pie now.
Carrier free, Australia (Telstra network).


Even I have security patch for 1 dec 2018 already installed on my note9 in aus… Bought from samsung and not any carrier.


I may have missed it, but I havent seen it mentioned here yet: Android 9 Pie doesn’t allow any app to record phone calls. Apps like ACR are rendered useless.

For those of us who rely on it, Android 9.0 Pie is a definitely must-avoid.

Nigel Marsh

Well I have a Note 9 bought through Vodaphone – nothing yet


Have you got an unbranded Note 9?

I’ve been receiving security updates on around the 20th of the particular month on my Note 9 purchased directly from Samsung Australia.

My Note 9 received the 1 December security patch on the 21st of December,as did my dad’s Note 8.

Mark Sampson

December update is already out so not sure where you’re getting info from?


The BRJ6 firmware released at the start of December in AU was an extremely late delivery of the 1st Nov security patch release. It looks like there may actually be a BRKx Oreo release with the 1st Dec patches on the way, it’s just super-late again here.


The update situation for Samsung is a little frustrating right now – because they want to do a phased rollout of Pie, but it’s sitting there waiting to go, they’re also apparently not releasing a December security update for Oreo, which means users are stuck in limbo until Samsung deign to grant them access to the new release.