CES is fast becoming the yearly show for the Internet of Things (IOT), and smart assistants have become a huge part of the IOT space. Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant have been at each others throats for a couple of years now, and it’s always interesting to see which of the two major AIs brands side with.

LG has shown its cards ahead of CES 2019 next week, pledging to put Google Assistant in just about everything.


At the top of the list is the LG Styler. The benign name belies the actual product which is .. a smart wardrobe. It steams and refreshes your clothing, killing bacteria and keeping your gear ready to go.  There’s also a smart mirror on the front with – you guessed it – Google Assistant built right in.

I’m not sure who has a smart wardrobe, or who needs their clothes “steamed and refreshed”, but I guess I’m just not that guy.


For those that like a bit of nostalgia, the LG XBOOM speakers now also feature Google Assistant. This isn’t just a single product offering, it’s a range, but the most loud and proud of these are shown above.

The ability to control your loud (and somewhat unpleasant-looking) giant oversized stereo with Google’s Assistant sounds handy, but the thought of Google shouting at me through those speakers. It could be a bit loud.

Fortunately the rest of the XBOOM line is a bit more in keeping with using around your house.


Lucky last is LG’s 2019 TV line-up. Google Assistant appeared on LG TVs last year, but LG is hedging its bets here – not only is Assistant in there, but they’ve thrown in Amazon’s Alexa for good measure.

There’s a number of models in the range, and they’ll all be shown off at CES next week in Las Vegas.

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Where’s the LG fridge? I want to ask the simple question, “Hey Google, what is the temperature inside the fridge, and what is the temperature inside the freezer?” I don’t think any manufacturer has added fridge temperatures via Google Assistant before. LG, are you reading this? I That’s the main thing it needs, though it would be technically possible to add diagnostics via the Assistant, in case your fridge isn’t performing properly. The large screens LG and Samsung have added to their upmarket fridges miss the mark. Any smart display should be on the benchtop, which is the direction you… Read more »