We’re not long into the new year – less than a week, in fact – and the volume of smartphone news shows no sign of its usual slump this time of year. Overnight we’ve had a glimpse of the upcoming Huawei P30 range thanks to OnLeaks, as shown above.

Those with a keen eye will note these renders likely show the mid-range Huawei P30, not its top-flight cousin the P30 Pro. We’re expecting the Huawei P30 to be the affordable step-down from the P30 Pro, and if the difference between the Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 (i.e. next to nothing) is maintained in the P-series, the P30 is shaping up to be great.

From these renders, we can see quite a few changes, so let’s walk through them.

  • First up, the notch has shrunk considerably, and is now a ‘waterdrop’ style notch.
  • The front-facing fingerprint sensor has gone, meaning the display is quite a bit larger, and that display ratio will undoubtedly increase too.
  • The renders show no front or rear fingerprint sensor, meaning the Huawei P30 likely has an in-display fingerprint sensor like the Mate 20 range.
  • There’s clearly three lenses on the back, meaning the mid-range P30 will have an additional lens over the P20. For a mid-range phone, that’s a big step.
  • While the design stays true to the P20 series, there are definite changes made reflecting the Mate 20 series of 2018. There’s the red power button, for one, and a slightly textured back to increase grip.
  • Dimensions are rumoured to be 149.1 x 71.4 x 7.5mm.


There’s little confirmed beyond this, but we have some speculation about the balance of the details users will care about:

  • OS: Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9.0
  • Processor: Amost certainly Kirin 980
  • Camera: 40 x 20 x 5MP array
  • RAM: 4GB at least, 6GB is likely
  • Battery: 4,000 mAh or so

Note these are the rumoured specs for the P30. Huawei’s P30 Pro is certain to have improvements over this – more RAM is likely, a bettery camera array, and perhaps even a slightly larger battery.

Anything more is pure guesswork. However, from what is actually known, the P30 range is shaping up to be a good entrant for early 2019!