NFL is not everyone’s cup of tea but for those who are interested in checking out the playoff games in the new few weeks Amazon and the NFL have teamed up to help you along.

The NFL have introduced a new skill to Alexa which will help you to understand more about the game. Called “The Rookie’s Guide to the NFL” the new Alexa skill allows you to ask Alexa about “rules, penalties, scoring plays, formations and more (such as who certain players are).

To trigger the skill you just Ask Alexa to “Open NFL” followed by the question you may have. From there, ask the skill whatever you want such as “why does a team sometimes start at the 20 yard line and others at the 25 yard line?” (seriously, if anyone knows that please let me know in the comments). If you get stuck within the skill you can just ask Alexa what the skill does.

Of course your mileage may vary but one of our writers who has an Alexa he used every day was able to get it to answer the questions he had. Others who have left reviews have had varying results – of course it depends on how obscure your question is.

To get it working on your Alexa device head on over to the skill store to enable it. From there you are good to go. Trigger it and ask it whatever you want to know.

If you have an Alexa speaker and are interested in the NFL give it a shot and don’t forget the first wildcard playoff game begins at 8:35am this morning. Two games today and two tomorrow. The NFL have some great digital products and this is yet another example of how a sport is embracing the modern tech world. The Aussie codes should sit up and take notice of their offerings.

Source: Amazon AU.
Via: PhoneArena.