Google have been slowly bringing dark mode to their apps in recent times, and we have seen them encourage developers to provide a dark mode for apps citing a battery life saving. Google is set to go one step further providing a system-wide dark mode with Android Q.

The clever folks at Android Police, while strolling through the Chromium Gerrit, found an interesting tracker. The tracker, created by a Googler, can be seen in the image below:

Image credit: XDA

The tracker author also says that there should be a setting for the dark mode inside the browser but also a setting for it located in the device settings. From this it is inferred that Google wants to not only ensure that their native apps will have a dark mode setting but also the overall device which should be able to implement the dark mode in all of these apps with a single switch.

Image credit: XDA

The changes are expected to be made by May this year, which is not long after when the first developer preview of the next version of Android is expected to be released (March). Google have since changed the permissions on the tracker and it is no longer available for non-Googlers to view.

There are many Android users out there who are hoping that Google continue forward with this option for users. Even if you aren’t a fan of dark mode, options are always a good thing, if you don’t like it choose the light mode option.

Are you a dark mode or light mode fan? I’m both?

Source: Android Police.
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Sujay Vilash

Pity OPPO owners won’t be able to enjoy that. Haven’t even got Android P on my R15Pro so no hope for Q.

Ian McLeod

Dark mode is LONG overdue across all platforms. The whitewash / bright obsession was a hideous mistake.

Many people use their devices at night and it will be nice to not be constantly blinded with ruined sleep.

Jordon Pollock

Idiots don’t even use full dark.. my phones are rooted as soon as I buy them just so I can use Substratum Pitch Black and have real dark mode.

Now that rooters are being punished and not able to play Fortnite even with Magisk Hide and run other apps I just want Google to bring FULL dark mode not this dark grey bullshit so I can keep my phones closer to stock.

Jack Bauer

Google’s version of dark mode isn’t completely black, which defeats the whole purpose of dark mode… Google are idiots now!


Over the last year or so I’ve been sending bug feedback to Android and to the core Google Apps feedback methods and when thr I/O convention was on that true dark mode should be available in Google Apps and Android as a whole. During the I/O convention the Android dev team got Interested and updated an app pr 2 and set a Dark Mode option in Android > Display (not completely dark though). Benefits: – Saves battery life to turn as many oixels off on oled panels. – Easier on the eyes for some like some who suffer from some… Read more »