We know a lot of you are waiting patiently (and perhaps not so patiently) for Samsung to release the Android 9 Pie update for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. While it seems the roll-out has begun overseas, there’s been nothing in Australia.

Nothing happens quickly in Australia when it comes to software updates, and even a juggernaut like Samsung is no exception; if your phone came from a carrier, be prepared to wait for updates is the usual expectation.

In this case, with Samsung accelerating the roll-out schedule internationally, we thought it’d be a good idea to see what our local carriers are doing, to see whether they’ve even got the proposed update in testing.

The bad news is that none of our carriers are even looking at it yet.

We’ve checked Telstra, Optus and Vodafone’s software update pages (which are fairly regularly updated) and there’s no hint that Samsung’s Android 9 Pie update is even in testing locally. This is bad news if you’re a Note 9 customer waiting for the update.

To keep an eye on the update progress yourself, here’s some handy links direct to the carriers’ update pages:

We’ve also got the word in with Samsung asking for their comment on local roll-out plans for the update, both for the Note 9 and other flagship devices. Once we receive a response, we’ll update you.


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Did you guys with the XSA model receive an OTA update or download it from sammobile? Been smash my software update button but no luck.


This is day 3 of android pie official update from Samsung Australia XSA version, I am experiencing a lot of glitches especially with google photos and in general response time of opening and closing apps and phone use..
Has anyone else received the official stable update Australia experiencing any issues?
I have the unbranded version purchased from Samsung direct..


Just installed XSA Pie update on my Note9

John Park

My note9 is downloading pie update now!! Very slower than usual though.

Software update information
• Version: N960FXXU2CSA2/N960FOXM2CSA2/N960FXXU2CRLT
• Size: 1610.14 MB
• Security patch level: 1 January 2019

John Park

Note9 bought from Samsung store, now downloading pie update!!!!


Sammobile.com. Learn to use Odin software. Get Pie the day its released. Your welcome.


Oops, that is the 8.1 update on Vodafone, apologies. But Samsung app does say next month.


Haha, did you really check? The Vodafone page says Note 9 is in testing which means they have received it.

I was curious and was looking earlier this week.. my Samsung app tells me mine will arrive in Feb (not carrier specific though).


On my members app. It’s saying pie is updating in Feb


Will that not impact warranty of the device. I am not aware, just a question @sandi.


I have a s9+ from Vodafone, I knew Vodafone was going to be slow to update so when the official German update came out I used odin to flash it and have been running Android Pie since the new year and everything works.


One of the major selling points when I got my Pixel 3 XL was to avoid all of this. Some people have bugs with their Pixel devices but for me it’s the best on the market and instant updates is a massive feature


Its not just “Australia” its all regions with the N960F model.
If I was to guess I’d say that the snapdragon version is getting it first.



Sir Gregory

Anyone have any info about when note9 phone’s from companies like Kogan will get the update?


I hate to say it, but this article is a little misleading. What if for example, you purchased your note 9 outright from a local major retailer? Such devices are not restricted by the three telcos and (in theory) should be updated directly by the device manufacture. From what I gather the reason the telcos aren’t even looking at Pie yet is because Samsung hasn’t even given them the source code yet. At this rate my best guess would be a date of June/July for carrier branded devices with unlocked devices perhaps a month earlier. NB this is just my… Read more »


I find the XSA unbranded versions get their update as soon as one of the telcos release their version. So if the Telco’s drag their feet the XSA unbranded version is also delayed.
But then what is their excuse for the Tab S4 one update in 6 months. I think Samsung Australia is 80% of the blame.


None of the carriers will release it until they have put a back door into the system and the ability to allow them to triangulate the device. Vodafone often cites the Australian telecommunications Act. Funny how Apple are able to update their own devices directly.


As a Note 9 owner, I’m not stressed. The main point is the update is being released for Pie. And I honestly truly appreciate Samsung not forcing me to use gesture based controls only but giving me an option.

I was well aware Samsung were slower with their update releases due to their implementation of “Samsung Experience” as it is now.


I’m not stressed , I would rather the update be a bit longer coming and not be rushed out and full of bugs,
As we have seen in the roll for some other brands that have jumped in early on
the updates on occasionn and found the the update to be like a beta ..
Oreo is working just fine.


That is true. Need to be more patient with software updates in Australia. But just FYI. There were couple of occasions last year where updates arrived on phone without a mention of it in the carrier update pages (mine being vodafone).


I’m still waiting on word for s9+. Not a good sign for a quick roll out for Vodafone considering they haven’t done any updates to their software update page in weeks