We wrote a few weeks ago about how the “camera cutout” will be the new notch for 2019. In the time since, we’ve seen Samsung, Huawei and Motorola throw their hats into the ring and today we’re welcoming a new player – HMD Global appears to be joining the fray.

91Mobiles today published renders that they claim is likely to be an upcoming Nokia phone to be christened 8.1 Plus, and it shows a lovely full-screen display with minimal bezels on the front and a familiar camera layout with Zeiss branding, fingerprint sensor and Android One branding on the back.

Of course, we’re here to talk about notches – or rather, the lack of them. The purported Nokia 8.1 Plus appears to have a notable gap in its screen at the top-left giving the front-facing camera an unobstructed view of you, allowing the screen to extend to the very edges of the phone — save for a slight chin where the Nokia brand now lives.

A caveat: it’s not clear where the renders originate. Android Police reports that they’re sourced from leaked CAD files, which would make these images as far from official as you can really get (whomever’s responsible for them has some talent, though).

Another notable feature of the designs is the inclusion of the courage port — sorry, the 3.5mm headphone jack — which sits at the top of the phone. After all, if you’re going to roll back the notch you may as well roll back the “innovation” that preceded it.

91Mobiles thinks we’ll be hearing more about the Nokia 8.1 Plus in the coming weeks – we’re certainly interested to see what the future may hold. There’s more renders over at the source link if you’re so inclined to check them out.

Source: 91Mobiles.
Via: Android Police.
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Wow. It’s 2019 and some people just can’t get over notches and jacks.

Jeni Skunk

Notch, because unless the apps you use, are coded to know about the particular notch on the various makes/models of phones, the apps can’t adapt to allow for the notch. Same problem for a camera hole.
Real Headset Socket, because I want to be able to recharge my phone on the go _and_ listen to my music at the same time, without needing to waste money on easy to lose dongles or poorer audio quality wireless headphones.


Good lord, a Nokia 8.1 Plus now?? HMD Global are not helping themselves with those confusing names.