For those of us at home watching CES 2019 unfold, it’s easy to miss some of the satellite announcements and showcases at the show, but one you should check out is the Google Assistant Ride 360° Tour at CES 2019 which Google has kindly recorded and posted on YouTube.

The ride is filmed in 360° allowing you to get a good look around – and there is indeed a lot to take in during the three minute long ride, which looks to be very visually entertaining if not particularly high-adrenaline. Riders are serenaded by a man in the role of a father who shows off the uses for Google Assistant throughout the day.

As with last year, Google has really brought a lot to CES with new products from both new and existing Assistant partners as well as new features for the Assistant itself. You can see all of our Google Asssitant and CES 2019 news by checking out the CES 2019 tag